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and property. how did the united states rank? here now to break it down is san tr sandra smith from fox business network. the united states dropped to 10 from where it was. we have a full screen where we can show you the top ten countries. hong kong is number wivenlt drop it why? >> you are looking at what was behind the rankings. it was ruled law government and open market. economic freedom declines five straits years in undeveloped countries. only two countries have seen that. a lot of the problem out there has been regulations like the united states. that is number one through our decline. >> analyzing why the u.s. dropped kwef a quote from the editor ambassador terry miller who has no freedom slow down around the world on the lack of u.s. leadership. he goes on to say protectionism has resulted in higher costs and restrictions apply the u.s. still driving the u.s. economy. >> this is a big problem. big problem for driving businesses out of the united states. one of the most shocking things i thought was that europe and that office condition is narrowing the gaps to the united states
are living illegally in the united states. 8 top democrats and republican senators plan to announce this afternoon a proposal the bill that would provide pathway to citizenship a worker enforcement program a guest worker program visa worker program and more. >> we are commit to do a comprehensive approach to finally have an immigration law we can live with. we have been going for maybe 25 years with statement about immigration policy. that's unacceptable about immigration of immigrants. >> can't go on with people in this country in the shadows with this illegal status. we cannot have children who were born here brought by their parents when they were small children to live in the shadows as well. i think the time is right. >> part of making the time right for senator john mccain and other republicans means there has to be some proposal in place to implement tighter border security. the measure would include using more surveillance equipment plus adding more agents along the border between the united states and canada and especially mexico. president obama is scheduled to visit las v
or the united states because of how much he's paying in taxes. california has a new tax rate of 13.3 percent. that is your 5@5:00. >> tiger woods moved out of california fort same reason. >> four months after the terrorist atrack hillary clinton finally testifying about what she knew. there was no shortage in fireworks yesterday in what was a heated and emotional day on capitol hill. >> i am glad you are accepting responsibility. i think ultimately with your leaving you you accept culpability of the worst tragedy since 9-11. had i been president at the time and found you did not read the cables from benghazi or bam ambassador stevens i would have relieved you have your post. >> peter doocy is live from washington with more. >> peter do we have you there? >> yeah, i am here. >> during her testimony in front of house and senate committees secretary clinton kept mentioning in addition to the poor americans who we that were there was one diplomatic security agent who is seriously injured and is recovering at qualiti walter reed medical center. 25 to 30 other survivors were evacuated and she got
minimum of rest before duty. we have the first perhaps official fare hike of the new year. united airlines raising air fair from $2 to $5 each way. now we have to see if some of the low cost carriers like southwest match all of those. >>> thanks so much. >> ladies let's thick with the theme right now about airlines. you ever wonder what the flat attendants really think of you? >> please go back to your seat. >> yes. >> you were just out here and you put sunglasses on. out. >> some are now coming clean. they are revealing their secrets about their job that keep them from passengers. if you want to get upgraded to first class it turns out it is something they can do but won't do it very often unless you are a friend, pregnant or extremely nice to them. the coffee is decaf so you will leave the flight attendants line. you wonder why flights are delayed for some reason it is reportedly so they get extra over time pay. flight attendants asked the captain to leave the seat belt signs on longer so they can serve drinks more easily. send your comments over to us you can tweet them to us at fox fri
it is not going to be over ridden by the president of the united states. it should be challenged successfully. >>> president obama put together a team to figure out what the president can do to prevent gunmen from carrying out mass murder. biden has been given to the end of this month as a deadline to make his recommendations today as part of the efforts include mra and wal-mart. >>> peter doocy live in washington. thank you. >>> it is time for stories you can bank on this morning and joining me is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. let's talk about zach lew nom nae for treasury secretary. he needs to go back to the second grade to fix his penmanship. he is expected to be nominated as treasury secretary. let's take a look at his signature. 8 loops for each of letters of his name. that would be on dollar bills below the seal of the treasury on the right side. take a look at timothy geithner. he had to do to to print. it went from the first one to the second one. the second one much clearer. we have to see if mr. lew will have to do his as well. >> aig has been in the news a lot th
this airline. >> united airlines raising the $10 each way. jetblue has copied up the domestic fares between 2 and $5 round trip. good news here right after the new year united raised air fare. not many followed and they rolled back the prices. domestic routes have to match for fare hikes to stick. southwest raised in october so it's unlikely to do so so quickly again. >> that is good news. >> i understand you may be sitting in that chair working fox news until you are 70 years old. >> there will be good makeup and surgeons involved. don't expect to retire at 65 years old. that's the message from the influential group called the business roundtable. they are pushing a plan to increase the retirement age to 7 70 for social security and medicare. they want to privatize healthcare. younger workers completely out of luck. the plan would result in smaller annual benefit increases for all social security recipients. these measures plus a few others will result in cost savings of 300 billion over a decade also keep social security solvent a little longer. >> college may not be worth the cost. >> lots
naj. the building owned by first united methodist church because built back in 1849. it has deteriorated. it's about to collapse. the church wants to tear it down and build a parking lot. but the village wants to preserve the historic building. it is suing the church to forfeit to make the repairs. the church says you can't do it. the cost will send them into bankruptcy. your question today who do you think is in the right the church or the village? shoot us an e-mail at foxfriendsfirst@foxnews.com. we will lead them later in the sh show>> still to come today -- coming up what started the fire that killed hundreds of people inside the busy club. someone made a huge mistake. >> then a medical miracle you have to see to believe a. soldier who lost all four limbs in battle takes a remarkable step toward recovery. >> now i can move my fingening elbow like my old someone. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer
ankles. it is not clear when he will be released. scary landing for passengers on board a united flight the plane ace tires blew as it veered off the runway into the taxiway. luckily no one was hurt. >>> president obama's public inauguration is a few hours from now. what will be the focus of his second term? patti ann browne has the details. >>> heather, ainsley, mr. obama will have little time to celebrate as his second term begins with a full agenda. the inauguration festivities are taking center stage behind the scenes president obama is hard at work his second term officially begun as the country has several key issues that need attention. >> in front of congress and the country you have to continue to grow the economy engo and climate change immigration and gun safety. things are stacked up. >> gun control topped headlines in recent weeks. the president vowed to pass stricter gun laws it has lawmakers on both sides of the i' aisle up in arms. others say they don't appreciate the tactics. >> within minutes of the horrible tragedy in newtown he tried to exploit the tragedy to push a
in the united states. this after officials determined that one of those drivers had not properly rested. he had been on duty for 92 hours exceeding the federal limit of 70 hours after the crash happened. >> they link diet soda and other sugary drinks to depression. those who drank more diet soda cans a day were 30 percent more likely to develop depression. they had to drink four or more each day. experts stressed the findings don't mean that diet soda causes depression. >>> thanks heather. it's a question we ask ourselves from time to time, am noirmal or am i nuts? doctor keith ablow is here to answer some of your fun questions this morning. >> this first one says my mom has to fold hoar wash cloths a certain way the tag must be in a certain spot when she folds them. if not she will refold all of the wash cloths. is she normal or nuts? >> your mom is not normal. this is like a deaobsessive compulsive disorder. you wouldn't want to do that hence it is a compulsion a behavior you think you must do. these things are like screams. people believe my life will be okay if my life is lined up. guess wh
of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under love, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> carolyn tomei saying one station under love. she didn't think people would notice but it's what she usually says. we remember the car made famous in back to the future. right? >>> oo we remember the dell lowerian turned into a time machine. now a handyman has given one a brand new make-over. it's a dell lowerian hovercraft spinning near the golden gate bridge. they used a dell lowerian body and registered as a legal boat in california. he always dreamed of having a flying dell lowerian like the one in back to the future. that's your 5@5:30. >> we finally hear it in his own words. lance armstrong's long-awaited admission he used performance enhancing drugs. >> the disgraced cyclist coming clean with a one-on one interview with oprah winfrey. yes or no. in all 7 of your tour defrance victories did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. this issue of performance enhancers, again to me that was we are going to pump up our tires put wate
of the president of the united states. >> in his second inaugural address he repeatedly strongly stressed his desire to see the power of we the people. he spoke about gay rights during the inauguration. he relates the struggle wills for gay americans for women and women of color. >> our mission is not complete until wives mother and daughters earn a living equal to their efforts. (applause) our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like any one else under the law. >> some critics wanted to hear but the president wanplans to tackle the issues facing our country. >> i hope he learns to be an eye president. he was an eye president during his first term. i, i, i, i, i. the second term better be a we. >> along the parade route the president and first lady michelle obama as she walked and waived enthusiastic reporters of american's first black president stepping into his second term. >> we a black man being reinaugurated. that's a very stirring sight. this nation made great progress in these issues. i thought it echoed something that could have been written 30 years
efforts. union disclosure forms show the president of the united workers union in new jersey is making more than 525,000 dollars a year. the boilermaker union president newton jones also put the big in big labor making 506,000 dollars a year. a lot of dough. it is a red waive. it's a dust cloud hitting the wave. it gets the color from the sand it sweeps off the land. witnesses say it builds up within a few minutes. no one was hurt no damage came out of it. we got a pretty picture from it. >> that is some image. >> if you are planning a trick we ha -- trip we have gadgets that could make it easier. thank you for joining us. we have a lot of nice products here. start with this airline adapter to keep your computer going on the plane? >> this is for the apple line of computers. we always run out of power on the plane. a lot of planes have power adapters so this only actually works with arm. it is $49 with apple.com. you can go to the web site to see. >> it will only give you power during the flight. it doesn't charge it. >> it doesn't charge. that would be dangerous. >> noise cancelling h
of the stomach bug cases reported in the united states this year even though it is not more dangerous than the normal stomach bug the norovirus spreads quickly across large groups of people. there's no real treatment you just have to ride it out. you hear about the winter blues all of the time what you really mid to be watching out for the winter munchies. we tend to eat more during cold weather. they say it goes back to our animal instincts and the need to fat ten up during chillyer temperature. the longer the cold weather lasted the more calories people are consuming day-to-day. research says it can be possible. a study claims 7 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day improvings your mood. people's mood stays positive after consuming that amount of vegetables. adults get 5 fruits and veggies a day but only 14 percent eat that recommended amount. for more on these stories and latest health news visit foxnews.com. >> thank you very much. the time now is 46 after the top of the hour. still ahead, at least there was a confession -- or confession nearby. one man caught on camera singing
concerns with the plan. ted cruz says allowing immigrants who came to the united states illegally is inconsistent with rule of law and not fair to immigrants who came here legally. >> kelly wright live. thank you. this morning we are hearing from florida senator marco rubio. rubio sitting down with sean hannity to discuss the senate proposal we told you about yesterday and discussing what he thinks are the necessary steps in the immigration process. there must be enforcement measures before a green card. >> i think it's a good time to remind people the vast majority of con sefb tives favor legal immigration. we don't have a little immigration that works right now. illegal immigration undermine illegal immigration. he we understand we have to deal with this. we have 11 million people by all accounts are going to be here the rest of their lives with or without documents. we can't do anything to deal with 11 million people that is unfair to people who have done it the right way or number two will encourage illegal immigration in the future. that's whey your point is so crucial. must
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)